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Throughout these recent years, artist Christopher Saliba has built a reputation as one of the most authentic talents emerging from the sister island of Malta (E. Fiorentino, 2003).

Christopher Saliba’s diverse work -  painting and drawing, etching, sculpture, video, installation and photography – deals with evocative meditations on time as well as physical and psychological limits. Saliba’s wide-ranging oeuvre also displays a preoccupation with the dualisms that define the complex nature of human existence: spirituality and materialism, surface and depth, mortality and eternity. Saliba develops these paradoxes into experimental and conceptual works that can be figurative and abstract in form. Whatever the theme or content of his works, the intent is always to represent the essence of spiritual energy that comes from deep inside. You, as an active participant, are invited to relate with his works and interpret them accordingly. Thank you for showing interest and hope you enjoy viewing this site.

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